Fourth Annual Solas Awards Honorable Mention

These stories deserve special mention. They didn’t win awards, but they came very close and are great reads.

Baba’s Blessing by Joshua Berman
Shopping in Paris by Terry Scott Bertling
Mlaoui: My Moroccan Breakfast Tradition by Anita Breland
Silvertown Blues by Nicole Clausing
Enchanted in Romagna by Francesca De Stefano
Every Picture Tells a Story by Chris Epting
Death Boat by Cheryn Flanagan
Airline and Hotel Charity by Janet Forman
Royal Roots by Janet Forman
Brown Substance Wrapped in Plastic by Phil Goldman
Keeper of the Keys by Jann Huizenga
Sicilian Sunday by Jann Huizenga
How to Navigate African Marriage Proposals by Laura Lee Huttenbach
Ukrainian Guy Clothes by Kevin McCaughey
Lucky by Lacar Musgrove
Hide and Seek by Judith Nolan
My Gambian Husband by Teresa O’Kane
Getting There by Sue Parman
Buenos Aires by Suan Pineda
Galaxy Street Basketball by Brian Spencer
Lost in Bahrain by Catherine Watson
Needles and Haystacks by Catherine Watson
Islands in Time by Catherine Watson
Carnival Queen by Nicole Zimmerman

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