What’s “Best Travel Writing”?

As with anything else, there’s no doubt a wide range of opinion about what constitutes the best travel writing. Is it a story that captures a sense of place, giving the history and quirky details so you have a feel for what the place is like? Does it contain literary allusions and references to historical figures as metaphors to describe what you’ll see? Does the writer need to appear in the story as a narrator, leading you through the experience so you’ll understand how he felt, and absorb the feeling yourself? How important is storytelling, establishing dramatic tension and encountering conflicts that create an edge of uncertainty for the narrator and the reader to be resolved before the story’s end?

All of this and more makes up the best writing about the world. We at Travelers’ Tales have been publishing great travel writing in print and online since 1993, and on this site we present stories that reflect the best work being done today as examples for entrants in the Solas Awards. Travel writing can be hard to pigeonhole, so we’ve created numerous categories for entry covering the range of the genre. As the months pass and the stories roll in, we’ll post more examples with the intention of inspiring you to produce more great writing. If you think we’ve missed any categories, let us know and we’ll consider adding them. Welcome to BestTravelWriting.com and the Travelers’ Tales Solas Awards.

Posted by Larry Habegger

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