The Power of a Good Story

The Power of a Good Story is one of our slogans at Travelers’ Tales because we’ve long believed that stories give you much more than straight information or logical arguments. For years our readers have agreed, and the writers who have contibuted their work to our books must feel the same way because their art is to move people with their tales of adventure, heartbreak, or simple, profound observation. A few days ago, at the Book Passage Travel Writers & Photographers Conference where I was on the faculty, Tim Cahill and Amy Tan spoke before an overflow audience of at least 200 people on the topic of cross-cultural currents. Their conversation went right to the heart of the matter, that stories can change people’s minds where arguments can’t. Michael Shapiro, author of A Sense of Place: Great Travel Writers Talk About Their Craft, Lives, and Inspiration, reported on the conversation for World Hum.

Posted by Larry Habegger

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