Sleeping under a European duvet?

San Francisco Chronicle Executive Travel Editor John Flinn always has a witty turn of phrase in his columns, an off-beat outlook, a fresh perspective on thiings. He writes with spareness and precision and assurance, and he’s funny. His columns always make me smile. But I must confess I sometimes don’t get a chance to read the Sunday paper, whether because I’m traveling or busy running around with my two young daughters. Sometimes I’ll pick up the travel section and read the letters to the editor and discover I missed a great one a week or two earlier. On August 6 I saw letter after letter praising Flinn’s discussion of sleeping under European duvets, and I knew I had to dig through the back issues to see what all the fuss was about. Well, I found the July 16 issue and enjoyed the story as much as everyone else.

Posted by Larry Habegger

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